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AVerTV Express HD DVR

Turn your laptop into your portable Personal Video Recorder (PVR).

Compatible with Windows 7HDPlay Game on PCEdit with AdobeH.264 Recording

The AVerTV Express HD DVR, with its 34mm express card form factor, allows users to watch and record High Definition video content* directly to their Laptop via Component inputs. Users can connect to their home cable/satellite set-top-box, record video up to 1080i resolution directly to their laptop, and view it later while on the go.

Gaming on the Go

AVerTV Express HD DVR makes your game play portable. It allows users to connect any High Definition Game Console and play it directly on their laptop in Real-Time. Users can record their live game play** in HD, post it online and share their high scores with family and friends.

Great Software

Our latest AVer MediaCenter software application creates a brand new capture solution focusing on both quality and compression efficiency. Users can stream uncompressed raw video data thru PCIe bus to preserve original video quality. It supports real-time up to1080i High Definition H.264 recording, which not only allows you to preserve the crystal-like HD picture, but also saves up to 3 times your hard disk space.


Compatible with Microsoft® Expression Encoder 4 and Adobe® Flash Media Live Encoder 3.1, AVerTV Express HD DVR allows you to broadcast high-quality live events in real time. The Adobe® Premiere Pro CS4 support also makes it the best solution for professionals.

* AVerTV Express HD DVR is designed not to capture, convert or transmit video or audio from any copyright protected source or device.

** When recording HD Game play, depending on system configuration, video will have slight lag time and delayed display.


  • Capture HD video up to 1080i 
  • Watch and record HD content directly to laptop
  • Compatible with Windows® 7
  • Supports real-time H.264 recording
  • Digital recording in MPEG-2, AVI, H.264 (iPhone, & iPod), PSP
  • Compatible with Microsoft® Expressions Encoder 4 and Adobe® Flash Media Live Encoder 3.1
  • Supports Adobe® Premiere Pro CS4


High Definition Input Source

  • Component (YPbPR) (3)
  • Stereo L/R Audio (2)


For Real-time Capturing:
       - Intel® Core™ 2 Duo 2.4GHz or Equivalent AMDTM processor

For Real-time HD H.264 Capturing:
      - Intel® Core™ i7 920XM 2.0GHz or Equivalent AMD processor

Discrete Graphics Card that supports DirectX 9.0c or above
ExpressCard™ (34mm or 54mm) slot
Sound Card

Operating System Support:
     - Microsoft® Windows 7 / Vista / XP (32 and 64 Bit)


  • AVerTV Express HD DVR
  • Quick Installation Guide
  • Installation CD
  • Component Video/Stereo Audio Input Dongle Cable
  • Stabilizer
  • Convenient Carrying Bag


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