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AVerTVHD Duet (White Box)

The AVerTVHD Duet PCI Express provides a single HDTV singal input with dual digital capabilities. Easily watch Over-the-Air (ATSC) or Unencrypted ClearQAM (Digital Cable) in HD format up to 1080i. It can be used to record TV programs in high quality original MPEG-2 format, straight to the hard disk, while enhancing your home entertainment centers capabilities with HDTV viewing.

Compatible with Windows 7EPG Recording3D TV Logo
The AVerTVHD Duet will give your existing HTPC a “Power Boost” to higher levels of HD digital entertainment. It’s designed to receive High Definition Digital TV Over-the-Air (ATSC) or Unencrypted Digital Cable (ClearQAM*) signals directly to your PC! The AVerTVHD Duet is a dual digital tuner, with a single input, that adopts the brand-new PCI Express interface, which offers a stable and higher bandwidth transmission environment than the traditional PCI bus. One of the great features about a dual tuner is that the user can watch one program, while recording another, or record two programs simultaneously!

AVerTVHD Duet is Compatible with Windows® 7 and certified with Windows Vista and XP Media Center, and is the solid choice to enable users to watch HDTV in the home or office right on their PC. This product supports High Definition TV viewing up to 1080i resolution with aspect ratios of 4:3 and 16:9. The AVerTVHD Duet will enhance your existing home entertainment center capabilities with High Definition TV viewing.

Note: This product was designed for Windows Media Center and will not work with the AVer MediaCenter application.

* ClearQAM is only for windows Media Center TV Pack 2008

  • Watch Live TV, Record, Pause, Rewind, Playback HDTV on your PC with Windows® XP, XP Media  Center Edition 2005 or Windows Vista and Windows 7 (32 and 64 Bit) 
  • Watch one HD program and record another, or record two different HD programs simulteneuosly
  • Uses Windows XP Media Center 2005, Vista Home Premium / Vista Ultimate
  • TV Recording Scheduler and Electronic Programming Guide
  • ATSC or Unencrypted ClearQAM Support (Digital Cable)
  • High Definition support up to 1080i/720p
  •  PCI Express x1, Low Profile Form Factor

Input Signal

  • 75 Ohms TV Antenna Input

For TimeShift and Record in MPEG-2:

  • Intel Pentium 4  3.0Ghz with HT (Hyper-Threading) or Equivalent AMD processor
  • 128M VGA card with Direct 9.0c or above
  • 512 MB RAM or above
  • PCI-Express x 1 slot
  • Sound card
  • Uses Windows 7, Windows XP Media Center 2005*, Vista Home Premium / Vista Ultimate
  • 200 MB hard disk free space

* Analog TV Tuner & Certified MPEG-2 Decorder Required

  • AVerTVHD Duet
  • Low Profile Bracket
  • CD (Includes: Drivers, Quick Guide and User Manual) 
  • Warranty Card
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